Animal Crossing Fans Hope Nintendo Switch Reveal Includes New Game


There’s a major announcement coming for the Nintendo Switch, and it’s just hours away. Earlier today, Nintendo teased a new “interactive experience” for the console that’s “specifically crafted for kids and those who are kids at heart.” And after a well-known Animal Crossing developer shared the announcement on Twitter, Animal Crossing fans began speculating if the series is about to get a new title.

Aya Kyogoku, who previously served as a director for Animal Crossing: New Leaf and supervisor for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, turned to Twitter with the announcement early this morning. She didn’t provide any context for the tweet, however, except for the date and a link to the announcement.

Regardless, this left fans highly curious about the incoming “interactive experience.” Kyogoku isn’t one to randomly share Nintendo news, so for some, it’s a sign that she’s involved in some ways. Others believe something related to Animal Crossing is on the way. And since fans have practically begged for a new Animal Crossing game on a Nintendo console since the Wii U first launched, the hype is certainly greater than ever before.

It’s hard to say for certain what’s coming to the Nintendo Switch until the official announcement. Check back with The OP later today for more information on Nintendo’s plans.