Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Fans Think Harmonious Villagers Are Headed to the Game


A new set of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp villagers are about to head to Nintendo’s mobile game. Five new villagers were just┬áteased across Nintendo’s various Animal Crossing Twitter accounts, and fans on Reddit’s r/ACPocketCamp believe they know who’s coming.

The news, which was originally shared on Animal Crossing’s Japanese Twitter, shows a photo with five silhouettes for new Pocket Camp villagers. That same teaser photo was later shared on the American Animal Crossing page, along with Nintendo hinting that new “animal friends” will be “taking a camping trip in the near future.”

Those animals’ outlines match a series of upcoming “harmonious” animals posted in a datamine by r/ACPocketCamp’s bluesun, who has reliably unearthed hidden upcoming content for the game before. In that post, users identified those animals as Curt, Drago, Bill, Margie, and Gladys. Bluesun’s research has also led fans to conclude the animals will launch tomorrow, March 7, and will come with a harmonious essence for the game.

For now, Nintendo hasn’t confirmed a specific launch date for the harmonious villagers. But whenever Animal Crossing’s social media accounts tease new villagers, their inclusion in Pocket Camp usually follows. In the meantime, check out the latest rumors on Animal Crossing for the Nintendo Switch while Pocket Camp fans wait for the official reveal.

H/T r/ACPocketCamp