Anthem Was Actually In Development For 18 Months

Anthem Was Actually In Development For 18 Months

We’ve already reported lots of news about Anthem‘s development issues and BioWare‘s conduct in handling its staff.

Anyway, thanks to Kotaku, we learned something more than we think could be useful in providing a clearer idea about how things went.

“It’s a story of a video game that was in development for nearly seven years but didn’t enter production until the final 18 months,” said indeed Kotaku’s Jason Schreier.

“Thanks to big narrative reboots, major design overhauls, and a leadership team said to be unable to provide a consistent vision and unwilling to listen to feedback.”

It’s worth noting that the game has been reportedly in the making since 2012.

So, this means that in these six years, only one and a half were spent in proper development, while the rest was just pre-production.

As seen in another report on Dragon Age 4, it looks like BioWare intended to stick to the pre-production until it found what could make Anthem fun enough to ship, fully iterating and changing its formula over and over again.

Things should’ve changed for the next game, it seems, and hopefully does as this is one of the most talented studios we know and it’s not fun to see it in such bad shape.