Apex Legends Had 1 Million Players In 8 Hours


Respawn Entertainment and EA have just launched battle royale Apex Legends, but they’ve already achieved a great milestone.

Indeed, the game has already registered 1 million unique users over the course of just 8 hours, which means it’s off a great start.

Apex Legends is the most popular title on Twitch, with around 157k viewers as of now and a peak at around 495k last night.

This is thanks not only to the quality of the game, but most importantly because of the influencers-based strategy adopted by Respawn.

Indeed, the developer held a pre-announce and release event with streamers and few outlets, which were ready from the very first moment to talk about its battle royale.

As a result, streamers like Shroud and Dr.Disrespect, who were invited at that event, had their viewership peaked at 114k and 73k respectively.

So, kudos to Respawn for its strategy, but we’ll need to check whether this’ll be enough to keep their momentum even after the launch.

In the meantime, you can check how the studio plans to support Apex Legends post release with seasons and a Fortnite-like Battle Pass.

Apex Legends Had 1 Million Players In 8 Hours

Source: Eurogamer