Astroneer Releases New Basebuilding Update


The folks at System Era have been hard at work on a new basebuilding update for Astroneer and today is the day of its release on PC and Xbox One.

The Basebuilding update is Astroneer’s biggest update to date. Whether underground, on a mountaintop, or on far away planets, the all new Basebuilding and Power systems will allow you to create efficient bases that are all your own. This update includes 20+ new art peices, which includes new platforms, modules, items to print, and much more. With that being said, this update is only the beginning for Basebuilding as a system. We have already begun development on more features and content to continue growing the already robust foundation.

This new version,, includes a complete overhaul of the way players have been building bases. The most notable additions to basebuilding are:

  • Free standing movable base platforms
  • Portable fabricators
  • A visual update to the starting habitat
  • Base modules and platforms now come in the form of packaged crates
  • A new landing pad deploys automatically next to a new habitat
  • Existing platforms have been migrated to the new system

In addition to these changes, the new bases will also implement an entirely new power system. This system improves how power is shared across the network and offers visibility into the status and current access to power of your various platforms and modules.

Astroneer Releases New Basebuilding Update

Other Changes and Bug Fixes

Of course, the new basebuilding system is merely the flashy part of this update, which also includes a bevy of changes and bug fixes. Some of the highlighted changes include the following:

  • Interactions that need to be held rather than tapped, like Use and Examine, now have a visual indicator ring around them
  • Small Generators now auto-pull nearby Organic resources when actively generating power
  • Small Generators will now automatically turn on when an Organic resource is added
  • Firework rocket has been added to the Catalog as an unlockable object
  • Informational widgets that appear at the bottom of the screen have received updated visuals
  • Made several changes to the gravity system to improve stability of Rovers (Editor’s Note: YES!)
  • Fixed several issues causing Rovers to float when outside of physics range
  • Unified the simulation of the vehicle chain
  • Fixed a PC crash that sometimes occurred when players were transitioning into Multiplayer games, improving overall stability
  • Fixed a minor issue where large rocks would not despawn when dislodged, causing untidy bases

For the full list of changes, including some excellent GIFs depicting how the new basebuilding system works, head on over to the official patch notes forum post.