How The DLC for Avenger’s A-Day Game Works | E3 2019


We got our first glimpse at the Avengers A-Day game during Square Enix’s conference earlier this evening. The reveal with a story-trailer, some details about the four-player online coop game, and a release date, which is May 15, 2020. We also learned about the game’s DLC and additional maps coming to the game.

Post-launch, the developers, Crystal Dynamics, plan to release at least three new heroes for players to choose from and they’re going to push brand new maps for players to explore and complete missions. While the game is going to be a straight $60 purchase, the DLC and maps are going to remain free.

Crystal Dynamics came out and told this to everyone during the event. They wanted to ensure audience members there was going to be no loot boxes, paid DLC, or pay-to-win microtransactions. However, they did say there’s going to be exclusive content coming to set platforms such as the PlayStation 4.

Unfortunately, the reveal did not go into too much detail about what gameplay of the A-Day game was going to work. We do know four-players are going to play side-by-side with one another as their favorite heroes.

Hopefully, we learn more later this week or when Crystal Dynamics is ready to show off more details about the game. We’ll probably hear more details later this year during the fall or winter. The game launches on May 15, 2020, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, and the PC.