Bandai Namco Working On Ridge Racer 8 And Metroid Prime 4 Exclusively For Nintendo Switch


Less than a year has passed since the launch of Nintendo Switch and the console have received tremendous third-party developer support, and it seems like there is no stopping in this important department. According to a new report from YouTuber Doctre81, Ridge Racer 8 is currently in development exclusively for Nintendo Switch. Wait that’s not all, the Doctre81 also add that Bandai Namco Singapore is handling the development work on Metroid Prime 4.

Metroid Prime 4 In Development At Bandai Namco Singapore

Doctre81 is not any random YouTuber, he has a pretty good track record of digging out LinkedIn profiles of video game developers and retrieving unannounced information from it (and most of them have turned out to be accurate in the past) and this time around he got access to LinkedIn Profile of Bandai Namco Singapore employees – and this is what listed in it:

“Projects – Unannounced IP (First Person Shooter/ Adventure Exclusive to Nintendo Switch), Ridge Racer 8 (Drift-based High-Speed Car Racing Exclusive to Nintendo Switch)”

Bandai Namco Singapore Employee LinkedIn Profile

This Unannounced IP is very well could be Metroid Prime 4. This is not the first time Metroid Prime 4 has been linked with Bandai Namco, many known Nintendo Insider sources have reported that the studio is handling the development work on the next Metroid game. This is the very first time that a specific branch of Bandai Namco has been associated with Metroid Prime 7.

As for the image Doctre81 shared – the full profile of the developer is not showcased, just the description of the projects he/she is working on has been mentioned, but if you dig a bit on LinkedIn, you will surely get access to this profile – which means Doctre81 has shared a legit profile of a Bandai Namco Singapore employee.

Another interesting point to note here is that most of the current employees of Bandai Namco Singapore have come over from LucasFilm and they have worked on the cancelled Star Wars game titled Star Wars 1313.