Battlefield V’s Grand Operations mode won’t be available on launch

Battlefield fans looking forward to trying out Battlefield V’s highly-anticipated Grand Operations mode will find themselves waiting a little while. Unfortunately, the “ultimate multiplayer experience” that publisher EA has been hyping up since the game’s official reveal is not going to be available to play when Battlefield V launches this October. 

EA made an announcement on the game’s official website confirming that it’ll begin “shortly after launch,” although there’s no intended release date listed in the same blog. Grand Operations is an update to the original Operations mode introduced in Battlefield 1. Players fight their way through a selection of different maps, where the tides of battle can turn with each completed round, as wins and losses shift from team to team. 

There’s no explanation for why Grand Operations won’t be available at the game’s debut, or how long players will even have to wait for the new mode, only referring to the date as happening “shortly” after launch. This is likely a pretty big blow to fans looking forward to trying out the new mode since it’s been one of the big selling points for the game. It’s also going to be hitting EA’s Origin Access Premier next week, granting access to players five days ahead of its full release date later this year. 

Now, all players will be trying out the new Grand Operations mode at the same time whenever the release date is finally announced. There isn’t any information on when we can expect it, but this is a pretty big disappointment overall.