BioMutant release date possibly leaked by online retailer

The odd looking space-rat might be out of the bag.


Image via Experiment 101

Experiment 101, developer of the upcoming BioMutant action-roleplaying game, has been teasing us with colorful images and snappy trailers for a while now. While no release date had been set for the game, it would appear online retail might have let the cat out of the bag. Instant Gaming has listed BioMutantwith a Mar. 17 release date.

The studio, which was founded by veteran Stefan Ljungqvist, a former studio art director and game director at Avalanche Studios and one of the key members on the team behind Mad Max and the Just Cause series, has spent the last couple of years giving tentative release dates. So far, they have all been pushed back so that the team could do further work on the game. In 2017, the work that had been done on BioMutant was enough to interest THQ Nordic, who acquired the studio.

BioMutant promises some fun systems to play around with. Combat is very fluid, mixing martial arts with shooting, and powers from mutations, into one smooth flow. Character creation will impact your statistics, with larger-than-life characters hitting harder, but smaller characters moving a little quicker. Weapons can be mixed and matched with the option to build your one and two-handed weapons. 

We have had our eye on BioMutant for quite a while now, and while we are hoping that the leaked release date is accurate, it could just be a simple error, older information, or a filler date used by the retailer in question. As such, it might be best not to get our hopes up too much.