Clash Royale’s “Summer Update” will introduce 2 new cards: Royal Hogs and Giant Snowball

Supercell is getting ready to unleash a massive Clash Royale update this summer.

Most notably, fans and players will be excited about two new cards that are coming to the game: Royal Hogs and Giant Snowball.

Royal Hogs will probably be a fan-favorite card for any players who enjoy using the Hog Rider. For five elixir, this card will summon four hogs that act just like a Hog Rider—they’ll jump over the river and focus their attacks on buildings and towers. And the Royal Hogs will be good against cards that typically counter the single Hog Rider, according to Supercell’s video.

Giant Snowball is a two-elixir spell that, as you could probably guess, launches a large mass of wintery goodness into the arena. It has a big splash radius, which will make it easier to hit a lot of enemy units. The Giant Snowball will only deal a little damage to the targets it hits, but it’ll also knock them back and slow them down—Supercell comically compared it to an Ice Wizard shooting a Fireball.

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Two-cost spells, like Zap and The Log, are extremely popular in Clash Royale, so we wouldn’t be surprised to frequently see Giant Snowball used a lot whenever it’s added to the game. At this time, however, it’s unclear exactly when these cards will join Clash Royale, as well as what arena you’ll need to be at in order to unlock them.

Supercell also plans to make improvements to the in-game ladder system, as well as the recently-introduced Clan Wars. Oh yea, and emotes—new in-game emotes were teased at the end of Supercell’s announcement video.

It looks like Clash Royale players have a lot to look forward to this summer, whenever the next big update is officially added to the game.

Update June 20 8:25am CT: The Clash Royale Summer Update is now live in-game. Both new cards, Royal Hogs and Giant Snowball, are also now available to be unlocked.