Crash Bandicoot could be coming to Switch


If you’re a big Crash Bandicoot fan, you might want to keep an eye out for some newer titles on the horizon—if a small bit of text from a European licensing book is to be believed.

Thanks to Max Arguile, manager of merchandiser GB Eye, we’re privy to a short but sweet excerpt from said licensing book that reads like there will potentially be a new entry in the Crash Bandicoot series—namely, releases on both Switch and PC for the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy and a new game in 2019. 

These are obviously some pretty interesting asks, and the bit of text in question reads explicitly as such:

“The new game was a huge success at retail with no marketing spend. Next year it will be going broader (Switch and PC) and there will be another game in 2019. Activision has a five-year plan for this and GB Eye is delighted to be fully on board for all products.”

You can see all of this in the licensing book, which is available to read in its entirety online here. It’s not exactly shocking or out of the realm of possibility that we might see another Crash Bandicoot title nor a port of the game to the Switch and PC. The remastered game was a PlayStation 4 exclusive and it did reasonably well, igniting fans’ interest in the franchise once more. But Activision has kept relatively mum about any future plans for the series. 

If this does turn out to be true, hopefully we’ll see something of a renaissance for Crash and maybe the return of the mascot platformer. It’s high time, after all.