Dead Cells’ The Corrupted Update Is Now Live


Dead Cells has just received its fifteenth update, The Corrupted Update. The update brings path and biome balancing, one new meta upgrade, one new rune, three new tactic mutations, and even a whole new biome.

The New Corrupted Confinement biome can be accessed from the Toxic Sewers and will lead to either Ancient Sewers or the Ramparts. The biome is short compared to others within the game but begins with a guaranteed Corrupted Chest.

Recycling Tubes is the new meta upgrade, and players get by beating the Hand of the King in BC1. According to the update notes, “the Recycling Tubes replaces the random starting gear. Instead, you will get the choice in-between four sets of five items (Melee weapon, Range Weapon, Shield, and two skills). Choose wisely.”

The new Rune is Explorer Instinct, reveals the point of interest on the map once you’ve explored the majority of the level, so less back-tracking if you can’t stand to leave a part of the map unexplored. The new Tactic Mutations include Crow’s Foot, which will caltrops behind you when you roll, Tactical Retreat, which slows surrounding enemies on a perfect dodge, and Networking, which forces damage share between enemies that have projectiles stuck in them.

According to the developers, this is mostly a balance update. “The Corrupted Update is mainly an overall balance of the biomes and paths. With these new changes, we try to prevent a biome or a road from becoming a clear, unquestionably better choice than its counterparts. To this end, all biome difficulty and scrolls count has received balances. We’ve also drastically reduced the number of cursed chests in the higher difficulty levels. Still, we’ve also buffed the colorless weapons by making it scales with your forge tiers (no more thousands of golds wasted to improve it to S-quality) as well as making the bonus stats always be of your main color.”, reads the update announcement posts.

It sounds like there is plenty contained in this update to keep players happy.