Deadly Premonition 2 news coming “next week,” claims series creator Swery

The game was announced at September 2019’s Nintendo Direct.

Deadly Premotion 2 news is coming “next week,” series creator Hidetaka “Swery” Suehiro has claimed on Twitter.

The game was announced in September 2019’s Nintendo Direct, and since then has never been seen around again as development work continues behind the scenes.

Swery has shared that he is in good health, and so the team at White Owls, which is now working from home as the game keeps making progress.

Hidetaka SWERY Skywalker on Twitter

2. Business: Remote work is fit and be working well for us. I am working 3 project now. (other than “Hotel Barcelona”) The Good Life: Going well DP2: Something will happen in next week One more: New something for mobile

“Remote work is fit and be working well for us,” he mentioned, while claiming he is “working [on] 3 projects now (other than ‘Hotel Barcelona‘)”.

The Japanese designer and director has reported that The Good Life is “going well,” while he is also working on “something new for mobile” that hasn’t been announced yet.

As for Deadly Premotion 2, he hinted that “something will happen next week,” although it’s not clear whether this is going to be behind the scene or a public reveal.

Considering Nintendo is backing the project, there might be some presentation on the way.

Perhaps, they might be working together on an E3 digital replacement similar to what Xbox has been doing for a while, even though it is not currently known when this could be happening.