Death Stranding Gets New “Connect” Trailer

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Kojima Productions and Sony have shared a brand new trailer for Death Stranding, called “Connect.”

The trailer is only available in Japanese, but it sure provides some more seconds of gameplay that we’ve never seen before, like those segments on the bike, and action sequences to get the vibe of what happens when the game isn’t offering cut-scenes.

You can check it out below.

『DEATH STRANDING』特別編集映像”Connect”

全世界待望。小島秀夫がPlayStaion®4で創造する、未だかつてないゲーム体験。 「デス・ストランディング」の発生によって、人々や都市は引き裂かれ、分断された。 繋がりを失った人類は滅亡の危機にさらされていた。サム・ポーター・ブリッジズは、孤立し動くことができなくなった人々のために “未来”を運ぶ任務に赴く。 …

Connection sure is a theme in Death Stranding. Protagonist Sam Porter Bridges is called to a task of bringing together, once again, the different cities of the United Cities of America, which have been disconnected for some reason, and a terrorist group, Homo Demens, wants to stay so in the future, too.

We’re getting closer and closer to the release date, which is slated for November 8, but also to reviews since those are coming our way on November 1. Then we’ll get an idea of what truly expect from Death Stranding both on story and gameplay-wise.