Death Stranding Is Releasing “Early This Coming Year”, Says Norman Reedus

Death Stranding

Norman Reedus, one of the lead actors in Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding, seems to have shared a release window for the game in a recent Podcast with Dan Fogler. Norman talked about his work experience with Hideo Kojima, how Del Toro recommended him to work with Kojima on his new project after Silent Hills was canned, and many more things. When asked to share the details about Death Stranding release schedule, and Norman replied: “I think it’s gonna be early this coming year”.

Death Stranding Coming Early 2019

You guys can access the Podcast here (talks on Death Stranding starts at 1 hour and 10 minutes). Reddit user Qeoeb has a made a transcript of Norman Reedus conversation with Dan Fogler on Death Stranding. You can read it below.

Dan: …Tell me about this video game.

Norman: Death Stranding?

Dan: Yeah.

Norman: Oh, it’s nuts.

Dan: You showed me a trailer for it and it just blew my mind, man. So it’s all motion capture, obviously.

Norman: It is, yeah.

Dan: Do you like doing that?

Norman: I’ve never done the kind that I’m doing on this, this is a whole ‘nother level, and I’ve been in a lot of video games, but nothing like this. And Guillermo Del Toro, he just wrote me – he and Hideo and I were supposed to do a different game, and that game kinda fell apart, because Hideo and that company kinda fell apart. It was Kojima and Konami, they kinda broke up in Japan and Sony picked up Hideo and he started his own thing at Sony. So we started this other one, Guillermo is like, “You should do this,” I was like “What is it?”, he was like “You should do this.” Then I met Hideo, he took me to the Video Game Music Awards, right. And he comes walking down the steps, and the steps are lighting up underneath him, y’know, he’s like “I’m back!”, and then 10,000 grown men, with tears in their eyes, are screaming like Elvis just walked in, and I’m like “Who the fuck is this guy?” He’s like a genius, and then you talk to him and you’re like “Oh, you are a genius.” He would actually be great to direct with movies because you’ll say “Y’know, maybe I should do it over here, like this?” and he’ll go, “Hmm, why don’t you add this on top of it?” So he doesn’t go “No, no, no, I see it that way,” whatever you bring to him, he just adds a couple more ingredients. He goes “Well, try that then,” and you’re like, it’s even greater.

Dan: Wow, that’s like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, man.

Norman: Yeah, his explanations of stuff, the way his mind works, he’s the real deal genius for sure.

Dan: So can you talk about the theme of the video game? Like what’s the storyline, can you talk about any of that or what kinda character you play?

Norman: It’s not the kinda game where you kill everybody in the room. It’s a game of bringing people together. How you play it, is you’re building bridges from here to there, and other people are doing the same, and you connect, and the character that I play is, he’s got this phobia of being touched, and as you play the game the phobia leaves you. It’s complicated but once you’re in it, it doesn’t seem as complicated. It’s constantly surprising you with decisions left and right, and what comes at you, and it’s a real brave game. It’s visually stunning, and the story behind it, it’s a whole ‘nother level, y’know. It’s not Pac-Man, it’s not simple, but the philosophy behind it is one that everybody can get.

Dan: When is it available, it’s still in development?

Norman: I think it’s gonna be early this coming year, I have three more [mocap] sessions here in New York starting next week.

Early 2019 does not look legit to me because Death Stranding is a big project, and Sony will announce the release date of it on a biggest stage that is going to be available, they are not attending E3 2019 and so that the biggest stage is going to be PlayStation Experience 2019.

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