Destiny 2 Players Receive Annual Pass For Free if they Own Forsaken


Bungie is hoping to their players excited about the upcoming expansion to Destiny 2, Shadowkeep. The expansion is giving players the chance to return to the moon, and it’s going to be Bungie when they have the opportunity to handle everything on their own because they’re publishing and developing the game. To get fans excited, any player who owns Destiny 2’s Forsaken expansion now have access to the Annual Pass for free.

Bungie made the announcement on their official Twitter page, which you can read below.

The Annual Pass is going to premier access to the three seasons of the game. These expansions highlighted particular parts of the game, enhancing them and allowing players to grind an array of armor pieces, weapons, and new opportunities to raise their Light Level.

While the Annual Pass is free current players, those who are looking to jump into the game for the Oct. 1 release of Shadowkeep can buy the full version of the game, Forsaken, and the Annual Pass for $25. This is going to be available after the release of Shadowkeep. The new expansion is going to be available as a separate entity for $40, on Oct. 1.

The new expansion is going bring even more armor, a new light level, a new map on the Moon, and a handful of new updates from the Bungie team. There’s plenty to get excited about, especially for the future of the game. It’s an excellent time to get on the game.

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep releases for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the PC through Steam on Oct. 1