Detroit: Become Human Lack Of Photo Mode Due To PS4 Limitations


Detroit: Become Human is one of the most beautiful games around, in terms of pure visuals, but that wasn’t enough to convince developer Quantic Dream to introduce a photo mode, apparently.

The follow up to Beyond: Two Souls is indeed one of the very few PlayStation 4 exclusive not to feature the opportunity to take in-game photos using an internal tool and edit them on the fly. But why?


On Twitter, creative director David Cage has finally explained why the French studio hasn’t implemented such mode yet and most probably won’t do that in the future, neither.

“We implemented a photo mode, but the game uses all the memory, so it seems hard to add anything,” Cage told a fan, hinting at the fact that, at least at some point as a prototype, Detroit has had that tool after all.

“We really pushed the console as far as we could to make the game look as beautiful and loadings as seamless as possible, which left little space for anything else…,” he added.

That’s quite disappointing, mainly because, as said, Detroit: Become Human is one of the most compelling games now available for PS4 (and all the platforms) and one where we would’ve definitely put the photo mode at good use.

Also, other technically advanced titles on the same consoles feature a photo mode, like God of War, without any particular issue. So, is that really a limit of the console or the technology at Quantic Dream should move on?