Disney Brings Back Lucasfilm Gaming

In an unexpected twist of events, Disney is bringing back the previously shuttered Lucasfilm Gaming studio and has several job postings for the company on their Disney Careers page. This change differs from what Disney had done back when they first acquired Lucasfilm in 2013 when they detailed they were not interested in having the studio make video games.

While Disney may have brought the name back, they still do not plan to make any video games under their name. Instead, and also what it shows from the details of the job listings, they’re planning to act more like a publisher rather than a developer. They want to ensure the content other studios make using the Star Wars IP is handled correctly and to their liking.

This likely due to the fiasco that was Battlefront 2’s launch at the end of 2017. After people purchased the game, players realized they were supposed to rely on loot boxes to level up and receive better equipment. This approach has changed since then, but the damage remains in the company’s public perception.

The jobs roles you can find on the Disney Careers page include producer, assistance producer, brand art coordinator, brand marketing coordinator, and associate positions.

We can expect more news in the future as qualified individuals assume these roles and Disney moves forward with their plans. These new positions could increase the quality of Star Wars games coming to the market.