First Dragon Ball FighterZ Review Score Out, Gets 19/20 From French Magazine


Dragon Ball FighterZ a 2.5D fighting game releasing this month on January 26 has got its first review where the game has earned a perfect score of 19 out of 20. The review is published in a French Magazine Jeux Video. According to the view the game is has received a near perfect score that tells a lot about Dragon Ball FighterZ features and quality. A translated extract of the review was updated on a popular forum ResetEra published below.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

The review talks about four sections of Dragon Ball FighterZ, they are Gameplay, Graphics, Audio and its appeal. According to the review extract Dragon Ball FighterZ the game is rich and dynamic in gameplay. The graphic is good with the energetic soundtrack. The game offers enough complexity for amateurs and casual players.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Review Extract:

  • GAMEPLAY: Arc System Works has achieved accessibility without compromising on the richness and dynamism of the gameplay.
  • GRAPHICS: Each match is truly like an episode of the show unfolding…but without the endless fights.
  • AUDIO: Despite not having the original themes of the show, the soundtrack remains energetic.
  • LASTING APPEAL: The game offers both enough complexity for versus amateurs and solo content for more casual players.
  • SUMMARY: With Dragon Ball FighterZ, Arc System Works realizes the dream of many fighting games addicts. Not only is it perfectly true to the original material, but we also get to appreciate the developer’s mythical expertise.

The review gives adds a positive feedback to the game. Dragon Ball FighterZ has been counted as perfectly true and original material game. The game is available in Beta so there are chances you can still test out with 8 available characters. Or else you will have to wait till January 26. Through a TV commercial, it is also confirmed that Dragon Ball FighterZ will also have a Majin Android 21, you can see the video below that shows the character in action.

Dragon Ball FighterZ will feature a 3vs3 tag support where players can master more on than one fighting style. It will offer high-end graphics at 60fps and 1080p resolution. Higher is supported on PS4 Pro and Xbox Scorpio so you can enjoy high-end anime graphics. The game comes in various editions like Standard, Collectors, FighterZ Edition, Ultimate, etc. You can pre-order the game and pick your favorite one.

Source: ResetEra