Here’s Why You Can’t Drive Vehicles In Fallout 76

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People who’s been playing Fallout 76 for a while has been questioning about the reasons why the game has a lot of vehicles around the map but doesn’t allow you to use them.

Bethesda’s marketing VP has offered a quick statement about that, explaining why we can’t drive all the way down the Appalachia region.

“The problem with vehicles is you go flying past all the cool stuff to find, right?

The whole idea is that you’re going from A to B, there’s a log cabin over here and suddenly next to the log cabin there’s a dog house that’s got a bunch of complex mathematical equations inside and a periodic table on the back wall of a dog house.

So you go, “What was going on? Who was living in the dog house?” That’s the sort of immersive storytelling in the world that’s lost if you let players just zip by.”

So, what Hines is trying and showing is that the game has a kind of storytelling that requires you to navigate first hand the map.

If you could go through it that quick, you’d be losing all of the things that the titles has to tell you in terms of story and immersion.

And you won’t want to do that. Fallout 76 is now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Here's Why You Can't Drive Vehicles In Fallout 76