Duskull is the October 2021 Community Day Pokémon in Pokémon Go

A ghostly Pokémon for October.

Image via Niantic

For a fitting October, Duskull, the Ghost-type Pokémon, will be the October 2021 Community Day Pokémon. You’ll be able to capture it during the day-long event, increasing the chances of acquiring a perfect one, a shiny version, and its evolved form will have access to a brand new move, shadow ball.

The October 2021 Community Day event will occur on October 9 from 11 AM to 5 PM in your local time zone. During that time, many of the natural spawns will be overtaken by Duskull, and you’ll be able to find it extremely easy in the wild. When you evolve Duskull into its final form, Dusknoir, it will learn the exclusive move shadow ball, increasing its overall usefulness in Pokémon Go. Previously, Dusknoir didn’t have too much use in the PvP or PvE scene, but with shadow ball in its moveset, things are looking up for this Pokémon.

Because Duskull requires a Sinnoh Stone to evolve into Dusknoir, all players will receive a Timed Research series of tasks that rewards up to four of them. In addition, all players will also receive 30 Ultra Balls during the event for no cost, giving players even more reasons to take part in the event, other than to add a new Pokémon to their collection.

A limited-time Special Research project, Nothin’ Dull about Duskull, will be available, but it will cost money. For those who want to receive even more chances to encounter Duskull and evolve it, we recommend grabbing it before the event kicks off on October 9.

The shiny version of Duskull and its family will be much easier to capture during the event. If you haven’t encountered a shiny version yet, the Community Day event could be your chance, and it’s a good opportunity for Dusknoir to receive some more love in the Ultra League.