New hero Echo is now available in Overwatch

The 32nd hero has arrived on public servers.

Image via Blizzard

Blizzard anounced this morning that the 32nd hero, Echo, is now available to all players on the public server. The new hero has a number of familiar features, like flight and a beam attack, but a brand new ultimate that can seriously change the flow of a map.

Blizzard has been teasing the release of Echo for a while now. She was first teased during a cinematic short staring McCree and later shown in the reveal trailer for Overwatch 2. She finally made it to the public test servers in March 2020, to the delight of many players. Echo has been designed to be a very versatile DPS hero capable of filling many different roles in a match.

Echo relies on combo attacks in combat and features a movement style similar to Pharah and Mercy. She is able to take flight and hover for short periods of time.

Her main attack is called tri-shot. Three projectiles fire from her fingers in a triangle pattern. For her secondary attack she fires a cluster of sticky grenades that detonate after a delay. Her special attack is a focused beam similar to Moira’s ultimate that does serious damage to targets with less than half health.

Echo’s ultimate is called “Duplicate” and has excited a lot of players who used her on the test server. Echo takes on the form of any hero she is aiming at. She temporarily becomes invulnerable as she fights as her targeted hero and the ultimate for that hero charges 600 percent faster.