Epic Games Hires Infinity Ward and Respawn Co-founder Jason West


A surprise piece of news came in earlier this morning from Geoff Keighley, the host and creator behind the yearly The Game Awards show. Keighley dropped a shocking tweet revealing that Epic Games had hired Infinity Ward and Respawn Co-Founder Jason West, and added him to their growing team.

Here’s the full tweet.

As Keighly shares, in the end, it looks like West could have already been with Epic Games for a little over a month, which means this is something we’re all learning well after the fact.

What West is working on at Epic Games is unknown. Despite this, West’s legacy still holds over to this day. He was one of the creators behind the Call of Duty franchise.

The last time we heard about West’s venture in video games was back in 2013 when he retired from Respawn and hung up his hat. It looks like Epic Games offered him something he could not refuse, and he’s back in it. At the time of West’s departure, he had left due to family issues.

We’ll share more details as we learn of West’s role, and what he plans to focus on during his time with Epic Games. For all, we know he could be leading his expertise to assist in making Fortnite, though this seems unlikely. Epic Games might be working on a new title and decided to bring a legendary name in to make it more viable to the public.