Everything we learned about Fallout 76 during its QuakeCon 2018 panel


With QuakeCon 2018 over, we’ve learned quite a bit about the upcoming online-only Fallout 76. During a long-running panel at the event, Bethesda’s Jeff Gardiner (project lead), Todd Howard (game director), and Chris Meyer (development director) were on hand to discuss just some of the changes and new things players can expect out of the radically different game. 

Starting off, Bethesda quelled some of the fears that Fallout 76 could subscribe to the dreaded microtransaction trappings that so many other online games exploit. Bethesda confirmed via Twitter that the Perks system be returning to the game, but his time will be represented by “Perk Cards.” This was shared over Twitter, as Bethesda’s Pete Hines stated that the cards will only be earned by leveling up in-game. You can’t purchase them with real money, and instead will be granted them every level up to 10, and every 5 levels after that. 

There will still be a microtransaction store in-game where you can purchase cosmetic-only upgrades, but there haven’t been any details shared about what this may include going forward. This is the game’s version of the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system, which allows players to apply more perks according to their level.

In terms of curbing players looking to harass others or engage in griefing practices, something that could be a big issue in a world that allows players to nuke each other, Bethesda has announced that the company will simply put bounties on those who kill other players, with bounties paid out of that player’s figurative coin purse. There’s also a revenge system of sorts that lets players assassinate whoever took them out for double the cash. 

Mods will see a return, as will a number of customization options. Character can also be customized on the fly, instead of exclusively in the prologue, so you won’t be stuck with that green-haired monstrosity you decided on at the beginning.