Fan-made PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 emulator being tested ahead of PlayStation Plus revamp

Say hello to KyTy.

Image via Sony

The emulation community moves fast — GameCube and Wii emulator Dolphin was already running on the Steam Deck before Valve’s portable PC was even released to the public. The PlayStation 4, on the other hand, has been out for nearly a decade, so an emulator for that console isn’t surprising. However, one emulator, in particular, has begun dabbling in the PlayStation 5 library, a move that’s coming along at a very interesting time.

It’s called KyTy, and creator InoriRus says it’s in the very early stages of development. Based on the testing video that YouTuber BrutalSam shared, it has quite a ways to go. Sam’s footage includes gameplay of Worms WMD on PlayStation 4, with one session running in 720p and another in 1080p. In both cases, the game runs pretty poorly, with a low framerate that constantly hitches. That’s to be expected though. The Wololo blog cites the emulator’s ReadMe file, which says that “there maybe graphics glitches, crashes, freezes, and low FPS” with emulated games. Additionally, KyTy can’t send or receive audio, MP4 video, or network features, nor can it handle more than one player at this stage.

In terms of PlayStation 5 content, InoriRus says that “graphics for PS5 [games are] not yet implemented.” They’re not playable yet since you can’t see anything. Even so, the promise of PlayStation 5 emulation has certain folks excited. Looking at the comments under the testing video, one can see people who want to play exclusives like Spider-Man and Persona 5. One commenter even cites the ongoing PlayStation 5 stock issues as a reason to give KyTy a try. DoubleXP does not endorse piracy, but it is true that obtaining a PlayStation 5 is still difficult.

KyTy comes along at an opportune moment. In just a few weeks, PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now will be combined into one subscription service. The three-tiered service includes access to older PlayStation titles as well as streaming versions of PS4 and PS5 games. KyTy aims to provide the same modern library.