Far Cry 5 Campaign Can Be 25 Hours Or Longer


Open World Games like Assassins Creed Origins, Days Gone, etc bring hours of gameplay and entertainment, but this does not contribute all to the main story. There are many activities that gamers can do to extend the game time and enjoy it. Recently talking to Gamespot, Far Cry 5 Executive Producer Dan Say said that playing the main campaign of this new upcoming action-adventure first-person shooter game will cost gamers a good 25 hours of time and that just a start.

Far Cry 5 Campaign

“I would say that a good player will go through it in 25 hours”, Hay told GameSpot during a recent interview. Far Cry 5 is coming for PS4, Xbox One and PC on 27th March 2018, that is next week and we had already seen some gameplay videos on YouTube that portray the huge world of Far Cry 5.

Hay spoke on the campaign that is the main story of the game, he further added that players are getting distracted from the main story to do other activities like fishing or hunting which will extend the playtime more. The 25 hours can be turned to many more if you go with other activities in the game.

He said, “What we’re seeing is people going into the world and just spending four or five hours fishing or hunting, or just doing stuff that we hadn’t really prepared for. So it really depends on how you play.” A lot of things relies on how players play the game.

Far Cry 5 will also have a map editor in it, that will allow players to frame the game the way they want. This also adds more to the gameplay hours, as players will have something new to try out once they are done with the campaign. The map editor will players to create something like PUBG or Fortnite.

Source: Gamespot