FFVII Fans Ship Cloud and Tifa Even Harder Following State of Play Previews

Following an in-depth look at Final Fantasy VII Rebirth during the State of Play, fans have Cloud and Tifa on the mind

Cloud and Tifa Date Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Image via Square Enix and PlayStation

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During the recent State of Play, fans got an in-depth look at Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, with gameplay and cinematic previews to get us hyped. While there was much to look forward to in the preview, many of us had just one couple on our minds: Cloud and Tifa.

There is no shortage of opinions when it comes to romantic entanglements in Final Fantasy VII, but the State of Play previews certainly showed plenty for shippers of Cloud and Tifa. In fact, “Cloud and Tifa” became a trending topic on X shortly after the State of Play, as fans couldn’t resist showing screengrabs of all the little moments between the two.

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Cloud and Tifa Shippers Are Ready To Take Them on a Date

The State of Play preview let us know we’ll have plenty of romance options in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, with our choices impacting who Cloud takes on a date to the Golden Saucer. This is an expansion of a mechanic from the original game, with more options and better control over who you wind up with. But the real takeaway from the evening is that the footage of said date was all about Tifa, and fans took note. And by note, we mean screenshots. Lots and lots of screenshots.

As @nitezintodreamz makes clear, #Cloti fans can’t wait to hit the foreshadowed date scene:

Shippers are sharing every last Cloud and Tifa moment from the preview, pointing out the sweet looks the two characters exchange and even clips of them fighting side by side as evidence that these two are the one true pairing for Final Fantasy VII.

One poster points out the intensity of their eye contact, while another notes the adorable shyness in that date clip we got to see. And that moment as they step into the elevator and he catches her? Priceless.

A few posts even throw it all the way back to images from the original FFVII as a reminder that this love story has been around for a long time. The graphics may have changed, but clearly, the love for Cloud and Tifa’s relationship has not.

I am all the way in on a friends-to-lovers romance, and while I’m not sold on the ship name “Cloti,” these tweets do have me looking forward to watching their relationship unfold in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. That is, if I can even choose who to take on that pivotal date because there will be a ton of romance options on the table, and if Baldur’s Gate 3 has been any indication, I won’t be able to decide!