Final Fantasy VII Remake Being Worked On As “A New Creation,” Not A Simple Remake


Square Enix has provided more details about Final Fantasy VII Remake in a job listing where it seeks planners to join the project now in the making at the Business Division 1 in Japan.

According to the job listing, the Japanese developer is working on the title not as a simple remake but as a completely new “creation,” and it’s in that perspective that the team is looking for more staffers to join in order to fasten the production.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Is Being Developed By A New Creation

“Create a “new Final Fantasy VII” not limited to a simple remake as a new Final Fantasy with action elements added to the traditional strategy, and deliver your creativity to the world,” the job listing clearly says.

“1st Business Division is the department [of Square Enix] working on Mobius Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy VII Remake. In addition to staff that worked on the original Final Fantasy VII, staff that worked on previous generations of the Final Fantasy series are joining the team one after the other. This is the chance to work with us on a “new Final Fantasy creation” not limited to a remake.”

The fact that Square Enix is still hiring planners makes it quite evident that the project is still if not in early stages, not very deep into the making. The intention to make it “surpass the original,” as stated in the job listing, is anyway remarkable and lets us learn that the project has possibly become much bigger than anticipated.

We’ll see if the game gets back with a proper gameplay trailer at E3 2018, three years after the original reveal trailer, perhaps at the same PlayStation media briefing where it was showcased for the first time.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is in the making for PS4.