Final Fantasy VII Coming To The Xbox One in March


Final Fantasy VII arrives to the Xbox One on March 25. You can pre-order your digital copy from Microsoft’s store page for $15.99.

Final Fantasy VII’s developers, Square Enix, first announced they were working on this port back in fall of last year. This port of the game is the same that the PlayStation 4 received back in 2015. The game features several changes to the core gameplay, making it easier for first-time players to jump into the series and experience the story, rather than bang their head against the wall dealing with the mechanics or frustrating random encounters.

Fans should note this is not the Final Fantasy VII remake Square have been working on for the past few years. We’re all still waiting for additional details around that game, and we may receive some additional information at this year’s E3.

You’ll have the chance to return to the critically-acclaimed RPG late next month, and Nintendo Switch owners are set to receive the same port on the same day. Both copies are $15.99 at their console-specific stores.