Square Enix is hiring additional personnel for the Final Fantasy VII remake


The Final Fantasy VII remake is chugging along in development, but it looks like the game needs some additional help to bring the project to fruition.

A recent Square Enix job listing noticed by Siliconera points to the company’s need to find additional staff to “meet fan expectations” and “increase quality. The job listing is a call for level planners.

The statement, translated by Siliconera, says that the team is looking to “establish a core group that includes level planners, battle planners, designers, engineers, and various types of jobs to tackle on the production of the big title.” From this information, it appears that Square Enix has been looking to increase its talent pool for some time, as new ideas and other contributions are being encouraged from the new recruits. 

Unfortunately, this is the latest we’ve heard in terms of the remake. It’s going to be quite a while until we finally get our hands on the hotly-anticipated project, especially since Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda previously said the game’s launch was planned for the “next three years or so.” 

Being hasty doesn’t exactly make for a quality project, so this new listing is a good sign in terms of how the game will end up turning out. Square Enix is obviously prioritizing quality over speed, so hopefully it’ll end up the remake of our dreams.