PlayStation could be getting a new exclusive Fortnite skin tomorrow


As part of today’s new Fortnite update, a bunch of new skins with a soccer uniform theme were datamined. There’s also one that could be exclusive to PlayStation Plus users on PS4.

The new skin was found by resident Fortnite dataminers TwoEpicBuddies and posted on Twitter this morning. The tweet says that the new skin is exclusive to PlayStation Plus and is coming tomorrow, June 12.

While it’s tough to verify the tweet’s claim, the timing could make sense for a few reasons. Tonight at 8pm CT is Sony’s E3 showcase where the company will show off new exclusive titles and third party partnerships. One of those partnerships could be with Epic Games, considering the game’s overwhelming popularity on the PS4 platform.

If Fortnite doesn’t make an appearance at the Sony show, the game will be on display tomorrow during the ProAm tournament. It’s safe to expect some kind of announcement about the game’s future at either one of these two events, and this skin could be a part of it.

A few months ago, PlayStation Plus users got access to an exclusive skin and glider, so it’s entirely possible that it could happen again with a brand new set. The image teased shows another blue-themed skin, this time with a back bling to match it.

Whatever the case may be, the next two days are huge for the future of Fortnite. Anything from a batch of new skins to a new map could be announced within the next 36 hours as the eyes of gamers around the world are on E3.