GameStop Store Design Leaked, But Is It an Improvement?


With reports circulating that GameStop would likely close 200 of their stores this year, many fans are wondering about the future of the video game-oriented store chain. But it appears, at least through a video provided by one location, the company may be considering a revamping that’s more on the “gamer-friendly” side.

The GameStop Pryor Plaza store, which is amid Oklahoma, posted a Facebook video a little while back, showcasing a much cleaner – and more organized – design for the store. As visitors may be well aware, current stores are cluttered with all sorts of merchandise, including ThinkGeek leftovers, gamer-oriented collectibles and, of course, games, games and more games. But this new design shows a great deal of organization.

This includes games and peripherals being better placed, as well as a couch with a TV and a stand right near the front of the store. But that’s not the only unit that’s set for in-store play.

The entire back of the store features several classic CRT televisions, hooked up to consoles like the GameCube, the Nintendo 64, the original Xbox, the PlayStation and more. “This is your place to play,” the GameStop employee explains in the video. There also appears to be a table in the middle of the back area, ideal for card games or people playing on their portable systems (like the upcoming Nintendo Switch Lite).

It’s unknown if all of the store remodels will be following this one when they’re redesigned. But going for this more “gamer-friendly” approach could bring GameStop some of the revenue that they’ve been missing. We’ll see what the stores have in mind in the months ahead.