Gears 5 Ditches Season Pass, Introduces Tour Of Duty


In a blog post, The Coalition has shared more on “how you earn content” in Gears 5, the incoming Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive third-person shooter. The game is ditching the season pass formula and the Gears Packs which had been introduced in the previous iteration.

Getting rid of the season pass, Gears 5 will offer DLC maps that “DLC Maps are free for matchmaking and Private Play,” on top of “exclusive earnable content in the all-new Tour of Duty system.” There won’t be any loot box, or random component as “all store purchases are direct.

A new system called Tour of Duty will come complete with challenges, both daily and seasonal, which allows you to earn Medals to rank up and earn customization content, such as character skins. “The path to each piece of content earnable is clear – you will know what you need to do to earn each specific customization item,” says the post. “In addition, there is no ‘Premium’ pay-only content for Tour Of Duty.”

There will be a premium in-game currency called Iron, which is purchasable with real-world money or earnable in “limited amount” through each Tour of Duty. This will grant you with “exclusive customization content,” which can only be purchased with this currency.

Finally, Boosts will provide you with “accelerated progression for a period of real-world time (1 Day, 7 Days, etc.)” and will allow you to grab double multiplayer XP, double character XP for Escape and Horde, double speed supply drop progression. With Supply Drops, every minute you play (across every multiplayer mode) contributes towards a random item drop from a unique pool of content called Supply.

Gears 5 is releasing on September 10, 2019, for Windows 10 PC and Xbox One.