Gears 5 Horde Mode Gameplay Shown Off During Inside Xbox Gamescom 2019


Gears 5 Horde mode got shown during Gamescom 2019’s Inside Xbox section. In it, we got a quick glimpse at what the mode is going to entail and what players can expect when they jump in with a few friends to fight off a massive amount of enemies.

This wave-based multiplayer mode is going to focus on four players defending a specific area, fighting off multiple enemies as they build up their defenses and keep each other alive.

Characters are going to have different abilities and special ultimates they can use to make themselves stand out from their other teammates. As the game progresses, characters are going to level-up, increasing the damage and overall strength of their abilities as the hordes become stronger and more massive. Players can mix-up the decks they’re using before a set match. However, once the match is finished players start back to level one for a new horde.

When players push up the tenth wave, they fight a boss, and upon defeating that boss, a new energy node is going to open up on the map, the team needs to capture. These power nodes serve as a method of expanding a team’s base and overall energy output. The more nodes they have under their control, the more energy everyone on their team is going to receive to increase their production on the battlefield. These boss battles are going to happen every 10 waves.

Character classes are also going to matter. For example, you can have two players both choose to be an engineer on the team. But because they’re going to have different characters, they’re going to have different abilities and ultimates. This way, players can find what classes match up well with specific characters and find ways to support their team as the horde becomes increasingly more powerful.

Gears 5 cannot come soon enough. If you haven’t already pre-ordered the game, make sure to grab it soon as the game releases for the Xbox One and PC on Sept. 10.