Ghost Of Tsushima Amazed PlayStation Exec With Its Graphics


Ghost of Tsushima is still in the making under the radar, with Sucker Punch having had an incredibly low profile for a year or so. This doesn’t mean that it isn’t making any progress, by the way, and as shared by SIE Worldwide Studios’ Shuhei Yoshida it is doing so.

Yoshida said during the Tokyo Game Show 2019 that he has recently played the game and that he was “overwhelmed” by the quality of the graphics.

Ghost of Tsushima is also great,” he told the Japanese outlet Famitsu (via). “I’m overwhelmed by graphics. When I play with it, it is so beautiful that my hands stop. Many scenes make Japanese scenery 1.2 times more beautiful.”

Of course, you might have already noticed that in the quite long gameplay demo that was shown at the E3 2018, but it’s always good to hear such things and there could’ve even been improvements under that aspect.

Being set on the Japanese island of Tsushima, even though in 1274, it’s clear that Yoshida is familiar with the real-world location that inspired the title, and it’s great to hear that he was able to recognize their in-game rendition.

Naturally, we’d like to see that with our own eyes, but it doesn’t look like we’ll do before the release of Death Stranding and perhaps not even The Last of Us Part II gets closer to its (reported) early 2020 launch window.

So it’ll still take a little patience to have more details and watch the game in action one more time, but we sure have questions to be answered, for example, whether it’ll add something to the open-world formula that has been a pillar in the PS4 exclusive’s game design this generation.

Last time we heard about it, Ghost of Tsushima was being turned into a technical showcase of the power of PlayStation 5.