Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Server Status is Back Online


The Ghost Recon Breakpoint servers are back online as of this writing. You can jump into the game right now and catch up on what you’ve been missing out on. They were previously down, and players were encountering the critical error of Silent-50001. The error code essentially meant the servers were struggling to support the numerous attempts of players wanting to jump into the game.

What was the Silent-50001 code? Check it out over here, where we describe what it meant and how the developers were dealing with the situation. Don’t be surprised if you encounter this error a few more times over the weekend. Unfortunately, despite the strength of the servers, players are likely going to break a few things while they’re playing the game.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint officially launches today. However, players who were interested in jumping in on the game had the chance to purchase the Gold, Ultimate, Collector’s edition, or to jump on Ubisoft’s Uplay subscription service to gain access to the game.

Despite providing multiple ways of players to leap into the game a few days early, the servers were still no match for the popular title. Regardless, the Ubisoft team was ready, and they handled the problem within a few hours. Players who were at work are likely going to jump into the game later tonight without too much issue.

I had a great time while I play Breakpoint. While I see it as an excellent multiplayer game, it’s a substantial, fun single-player experience with plenty to do. You’re going to get a little overwhelming, but you’re going to stick around for the game in the long run. Check out the full review here.

Hopefully, the servers remain stable for the remainder of the day. But no one should act surprised if they go down again. Breakpoint is a stable notch in the Ghost Recon franchise.