GOG Galaxy 2.0, Which Aims to Combine All Your Launchers Into One, Is in Open Beta Now


Anyone annoyed with having to download and use an ever-growing plethora of launchers to play their games has been given a tool to help: GOG Galaxy 2.0. With this platform, gamers will be able to bring all their games, friends, and achievements from different clients and platforms into one place.

What started out as a way for players to launch any games purchased through GOG has now evolved into a place where you can connect all your platforms and games into one location. This new platform has been slowly rolling out through invite-only access, but everyone can now download the platform in its open beta.

Steady updates throughout the year have added features like global searches and manual game additions to the launcher. Right now, the only official support for the platform is with GOG and Xbox Live, but through open-source community integration, support has been added for Steam, Epic, Battle.net, UPlay, and Origin. There is also support for emulators, and specific launchers for MMOs. For a full rundown of how the system works, GOG released video explaining the experience.

The platform is still in beta, so things are probably not as smooth as they will be in the future, and there will likely be some bugs to deal with and fix. But with seemingly every company trying to integrate their own launcher for their games, having a place to bring all those together could be very much appreciated by the gaming community.