Codes Have Gone Out for the Gold Studded Backpack for Pre-ordering Pokemon Sword and Shield


We have limited details regarding the gold-studded backpack, a pre-order item for Pokemon Sword and Shield. As of right now, some players have received the code for the item and will need to hold on to that code to later use it when the game releases.

Previously, the gold-studded backpack was meant to be an exclusive item for the Japanese version of the Pokemon Sword and Shield game. have confirmed that those who purchased it from the MediaMarkt & Carrefour page in Spain are also going to receive the item. They’re attempting to learn how far out the item is going to get distributed globally, or if it remains an exclusive item to specific regions. Here’s the original post, here.

Those who pre-ordered the game from the MediaMarkt & Carrefour page and are hoping to receive the backpack need to be among the first 300 to have pre-ordered the game. Those who are among the early comers are going to receive a unique code to retrieve the item and start wearing it as soon as they play the game, and it looks like they may have already received their code.

Unfortunately, those are all of the details we have right now concerning the gold-studded backpack. We’ll learn more as we approach the game’s Nov. 15 release date to see if other regions are going to gain access to this exclusive customization item.

Beyond the gold-studded backpack, there are other pre-order items players are going to receive when they grab Pokemon Sword and Shield. You can pre-order the game from to receive a keychain plush of Grookey, Scorbunny, or Sobble. If you pre-ordered from Amazon or BestBuy, you’ll receive $10 credit back for your purchase. However, you’ll need to be an Amazon Prime or Best Buy member to receive that credit.

Regardless of where you pre-order the game, all players are going to receive 12 Quick Balls from Nintendo’s Eshop. The code for the Quick Balls only lasts until Jan. 12, 2020.

We’ll update everyone regarding the gold-studded backpack when we learn more details. Hopefully, Nintendo does not restrict the bag to the first 300 players who pre-order the game from a specific website, but nothing official has gone out at this time.