GTA 6 Rumor: Reveal In 2020, Female Protagonist, 60 Hours Long, Gameplay Details


There’s a new GTA 6 rumor in town, claiming to know the game’s main location when it’ll be announced, and more.

Of course, as it happens in these cases, we can’t verify the information in question, but it’s always interesting to look at this stuff for what it is. So don’t take anything for granted from now on, and bear in mind that this could be an elaborate hoax (like this, for example).

According to this rumor that popped up on Reddit, the announcement of GTA 6 should come around fall 2020 while the release would be slated for 2021. The main locations would be San Fierro and Las Venturas, which you could both reach via the two airports in the game (you’d need to purchase tickets to fly), while the map would be four times the size of GTA V.

The prologue would place in Alderney, also featuring Liberty City, where is winter and snowy, but for the rest of the game, there would not be seasons. “Last a little over fifteen missions, and all of Alderney is open to explore,” says the rumor, while the entire game would be around 60 hours long like Red Dead Redemption 2.

The setting is modern times, and the logo is said to be “red and stylized like a poker chip.”

There would be two protagonists, one male, and one female. They’re said to be siblings from Liberty City who grew up in a mob family and are forced out of the city. It would be the first time for a female protagonist in a Grand Theft Auto game.

Other tidbits include:

  • Heavier emphasis on interiors. Nowhere near every building but there’s a mall, police stations, fast food restaurants, gas stations, things like that.
  • Two different types of gun stores. Ammunition sells normal guns like Pistols and sniper rifles, while “underground” stores will sell crazier things like rocket launchers and satchel charges.
  • Random events are way more interesting and bountiful. I’ve seen people having a funeral at a graveyard, chasing a dog that got loose, a family camping with an RV.
  • Heists return and are largely similar, but they’re more like optional side missions.
  • Businesses/real estate are back at a larger degree, complete with their own mission lines. There’s a casino, a trailer park, nightclub, etc.
  • There are minigames like carnival games, Hunting, bowling, gambling, and boat rafting down Rapids.
  • A lot of variety for what matters cars, as many of them would be mutated from the current GTA Online

It’s everything so detailed and realistic that one could end up believing that, but again bear in mind this is just a rumor without any possibility for us to confirm the information included.

In any case, how would you like a GTA 6 as described in this rumor?