Halo Infinite Dev On Getting A Battle Royale


In a recent interview with IGN, 343 Industries studio head Bonnie Ross has shared that Halo Infinite is potentially capable of running a battle royale mode.

Her statement was more related to possibilities, as the game is set to have a big sandbox, so in case the developer wants it can implement something along that road.

Anyway, that was very distant from being a confirmation about Halo Infinite getting a battle royale mode sooner or later.

Someone in the community, at any rate, has taken that phrase as a confirmation, and franchise director Frank O’Connor had to comment on that.

“I don’t know how you get from ‘Sandbox is capable of’ to ‘basically confirmed,'” O’Connor told a fan on Twitter.

“The sandbox is also capable of 1:1 Big Team Invisible Low G SWAT Vehicle Fiesta and I can tell you that’s not happening because I’ve pitched it for five games straight now.”

So, while there’s a chance for a battle royale mode to be built out of Halo Infinite, it doesn’t mean it necessarily will.

The next Halo experience should be releasing around 2020 for Xbox One, Windows 10 and possibly Xbox Scarlett.