Halo MCC On PC, Steam’s Gabe Newell: “Credit Goes To Phil Spencer And MS”

We’ve already reported about Halo: The Master Chief Collection finally releasing on PC last week, but there’s something new and surprising happening behind the scenes.

As we’ve shared, the six-games pack is releasing not only on Microsoft Store but also on Steam, which came somewhat unexpected.

Many on the Internet credited Valve for that, but Gabe Newell himself, in an email that has popped up on Reddit, made it more evident how it all happened.

Newell, boss at Valve, said that “credit for this goes to Phil Spencer and his team at MS. They made it happen, so, yes, it was simple for us.”

It’s quite a given that Microsoft was the one reaching Steam to make the MCC userbase as big as possible on PC.

Anyway, this is coming at a cost, since the 343 Industries studio head Ronnie Boss has just revealed that the game won’t support Xbox Play Anywhere.

This means that even you already own a copy on Xbox One, you’ll be required to buy it once again at the time of the release.