Hi-Rez showcase details Smite Season 8 Dawn of Babylon 2021 changes – New conquest maps, starter items, game mode Slash, and gods Tiamat and Gilgamesh

New gods and a changing conquest map arrive to Smite in Season 8 for 2021.

Image via Hi-Rez

A pair of new gods arriving in the Smite battleground for 2021, detailed during the Hi-Rez showcase days before the World Champions kick off on January 8 between six teams to compete for the title. It’s also the start of the Babylon season for 2021 with a new conquest map, starter items, and a new game mode called Slash. We have the full, official patch notes for season 8 posted over here.

Tiamat will be a mage, but she’s going to be a bruiser capable of changing her stance during battle. By changing her stance, she’ll be able to alter her playstyle, giving her the option of being played in the middle or solo lane.

Gilgamesh is a frontline fighter who is going to be able to add more items to his array of artifacts. How these artifacts work with his kit were not detailed.

Tiamat will be arriving in February, and Gilgamesh follows in April.

With the arrival of Tiamat, the conquest map will be changing alongside her arrival. The jungle map adds new lanes between the lanes, additional enemies that can appear in the lanes that jungle players will have to attempt to disrupt before they bother their teammates. The conquest map is also set to change throughout season 8, making additions to the environment’s art and mechanics. You can expect to need to change your overall gameplay approaches following each update.

The starter items are also being changed up by giving players more variety. Returning favorites such as vampiric shroud and bluestone. While they are considered starter items, season 8 will give them additional relevancy by adding new mid-to-late game upgrades that players can pick and choose to fit their chosen playstyle.

To add to the variety to Smite, there’s a new game mode coming called Slash. It’s a mixture of Clash and Siege. There are few details about this as it’s in early development. More information should arrive in 2021.

The dawn of Babylon comes in February to Smite.