Hitman 2’s Homing Briefcase Returns To The Game On August 8

Sometimes games are a bit daft, and the result is spectacular. Hitman 2, an excellent game, had one of those exciting bugs that lit the internet on fire for a day due to how funny it was. If you threw a briefcase at an enemy, it would follow the route the took until it collided with the back of their skull. Your enemy just walked around a corner? No problem, because that briefcase is going to perform a neat turn and keep on going until it connects with a human skull.

Hitman2 – Briefcase of Fun

I know there’s a million videos about the homing briefcase in Hitman 2 already, but I had to make my own little funny moments montage. https://twitch.tv/coollertmb https://streamlabs.com/coollertmb https://youtube.com/watch?v=9ZHYdRLK4as https://reddit.com/r/HiTMAN/comments/9zi6zy/new_briefcase_buff_floating/

It was incredibly funny but was eventually removed from the game. Well, the Homing Briefcase is back. The ultimate spy accessory is going to return to the game on August 8 as part of the Best Case Scenario Challenge Pack. Challenge Packs present players with a range of different challenges, and if they can complete them all, they get a prize, generally in the form of a new piece of equipment.

In this case (get it?) that prize will be the ICA Executive Briefcase MKII. “This physics-bending briefcase is designed to induce fear and terror in whoever gets in its way. With a throwing speed tweaked for maximum style, there is no end to the possibilities this item offers. Of course, it sports the signature MK II look – the ultimate mark of superb craftmanship! Could be used to hide illegal items but that is clearly beside the point.” reads the Challenge Pack description.

At the moment we have no details about what the Challenge will entail, and this is normally kept under wraps until the day it releases. We will be waiting until August 8 with a degree of anxious excitement at the thought of the Homing Briefcase returning, so as soon as we know what you need to do to get it, we will let you know.