How The Horse Works In The Last of Us Part II


The latest trailer for The Last of Us Part II shows players they can ride a horse. We learned how it’s going to work in the game.

Journalists were able to test the game at a media event last week, where they put their hands on a demo. They could play as Ellie and ride her horse.

In the demo, they had the opportunity to play two sections where they could ride a horse. The first was in Jackson, Wyoming, and had Ellie and Dina busy riding their horses Shimmer and Japan on the snow. The second was in Seattle, in a marvelous urban jungle landscape.

Horses are said to be quite loyal and smart, and this translates into a gameplay mechanic. You always have them close by you if you get too distant from them, so you don’t have to walk your way back to them across the entire level in case you go too far from where you left them.

It’s good to hear that, especially if you consider that Naughty Dog has worked on much larger levels and environments where you could easily get lost or go too far without your horse with you. It’s not an open world, but it’ll have side stories to explore in the environments, so it’s only useful if you can move relatively fast whenever you can.

The Last of Us Part II is releasing on Feb. 21, 2020, to the PlayStation 4 as an exclusive.