inXile In Search For New Senior Writer For Wasteland 3


Five days ago, inXile Entertainment put out job postings on both Indeed and their own official website searching for a new Senior Writer for Wasteland 3.

It is unclear at this time whether this is regular turnover or they were unhappy with their previous Senior Writer’s work. The job description is potentially telling with “Ability to adapt to feedback and style requirements of our project” listed under Qualifications, and “Write and revise dialogs in our branching dialog tool, including creating new dialogs from scratch” is one of the major responsibilities asked of the new Senior Writer. This is a clear indication that major rewrites and revisions of the previous Senior Writer’s work are going to be a large part of the new Senior Writer’s responsibilities.

inXile has been largely silent on Wasteland 3’s development so far this year (their last update on game progress to backers was December 21, 2018). This is an oddity for a game which has consistently cited “late 2019” as the release date (largely speculated to be an Early Access release) which is fast approaching as we pass the first quarter of this year with no updates. A total rewrite of the game’s dialogue as they scramble to find a new Senior Writer could be one explanation.

There is a similar job posting for a Lead Designer position (though no project specified in this case) for a “next-generation role-playing game” coming only two weeks before offering another potential explanation if that is not confirmed to be for an as yet announced project.

It will be interesting to keep an eye on inXile in the coming weeks to see if any definitive updates or announcements are made on the development progress of Wasteland 3 and whether a delayed release is in the cards.