Patent Images Show Potential PS5 Controller


Images filed with the Japanese patent office may have given us our first glimpse at the PlayStation 5 Controller. The patent, filed by Sony Corp. Interactive Entertainment, is for “the controller for electronic devices” and has a striking resemblance to the controller for the PlayStation 4.

An eagle eyes user of the ResetEra forum user did some comparisons between the application for the PlayStation 4 controller patent and this new patent, highlighting subtle differences between the two controllers.

From the images, and some patent details, we can see the controller will include a microphone, smaller control sticks, a USB port, and larger triggers. Sony has already revealed that the controller will feature haptic triggers that allow variable force and feedback to be used, depending on what the action will achieve in the game. The example given by Sony was that activities like drawing a bow would feel more natural.

The images revealed in the patent filing are almost precisely what most people would expect for the PlayStation 5 version of the Dualshock controller. The rough shape of the PlayStation controller has been similar through every iteration of the console, and it is clear that Sony’s approach is to slowly iterate on what it considers to be a winning formula with each new generation of hardware.

This means when you go out and purchase your new console, and the controller does not feel strange or awkward in your hands, instantly making you feel at home with the product. It is a crucial design philosophy that is embraced by many companies and famously ignored by Nintendo.

The PlayStation 5 is due to release during the holiday season next year, although no exact date is given. Over the coming months, we expect to see more news coming out about the next generation hardware, with an eventually reveal around E3 weekend 2020.