Jedi: Survivor Devs Challenge Players To Find Every Secret In Massive End-Game

There are more stories in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor after the credit rolls, and the development team wants players to find everything.

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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is a game that keeps on giving after you’ve completed the story. Many fans have been figuring this out as they wrap up the main quests and begin working on finding every collectible.

The lead writer for Jedi: Survivor, Danny Homan, shares the time he spent with his team working on everything with the final writing tasks for the game. He and his team actively worked on these and now he’s encouraging players to go out of their way to find these little treasures as they look to uncover everything.

Jedi: Survivor Writer Shares Fleshing Out End-Game Stories for All Characters

Homan retweeted a fan’s comment about how surprised they were about speaking with the NPCs at Rambler’s Reach Outpost after they had rolled credits. Many of them had additional stories to share or something to say about everything Cal Kestis had been through, and some hinted at the series’ future. Homan stresses that his discussions contain spoilers, so anyone who has not completed the Jedi: Survivor story is advised to turn away until they’ve wrapped up the story.

Given everything that happens to the characters who regularly drink at Pyloon’s Saloon, Homan shared how the writing team wanted these characters to share how they were changing and what was in store. Some of these characters, unfortunately, had not changed from when Cal first met them. That’s mostly Turgle though, who has become a widely beloved character, but we think they need to spend more time with Skoova Stev.

How players can wrap many of these stories and find out more lore pieces comes down to finding the collectibles and exploring the many areas throughout Jedi: Survivor. These come in the form of the Databank entries, which BD-1 can scan at specific locations, or Force Echos, where Cal can look into the force to see into the past.

Some of these locations are tough to find, but Homan believes it’s well-worth everyone’s time to do so and wants players to talk to the characters at Pyloon’s Saloon as often as possible. The credits might have rolled, but the story’s not over, and given the success of Jedi: Survivor, we can only imagine a third entry in the series will come from Respawn Entertainment, and we couldn’t be more excited about that potential announcement.