Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road details revealed, focusing on Xehanort’s past

Two experiences, one app and a lot of rewards.

Kingdom Hearts fans must be in euphoria right now. Just hours after two previous games in the series launched on Xbox One, more details have emerged on the new mobile adventure, Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road.

Square Enix recently confirmed the details, with the game taking a closer look into the past of one of its most notable characters, Xehanort. The publisher asks, “What was his true path? Why did he become the seeker of darkness?” This mobile release should break down the events leading up to that.

Sunset Overdrive Custom Character Screen 1
The calm before the storm. (Screengrab via Square Enix)

The publisher promises the game has “high speed battles that use your reflexes to flick during combat.” It introduces several familiar characters, using cards that appear on the battle screen. The image below gives a better idea of how this works.

Sometimes a victory is as simple as a draw of the cards. (Screengrab via Square Enix)

Also, the game will tie in with the upcoming Kingdom Hearts: Union χ app. Players will be able to launch the game within the app through the Union χ title screen. As they progress, they can fill out their Medal Album. The more points they earn throughout the Dark Road game, the more they can trade towards cards for use in battle. Some of these sample cards are shown below.

Sunset Overdrive Custom Character Screen 2
Some of the sample cards to collect in Union χ. Not final. (Screengrab via Square Enix)

The company did note that this campaign will “only occur once for the release of Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road.” Also, players need to play Union χ before the release of Dark Road to be eligible. Once that game is released, no points are given.

Finally, accessing the Medal Album is as simple as going into Menu, selecting Other and looking up Album. While Dark Road doesn’t have a release date yet, Union χ is available for download now on both iOS and Android. If you’re a Kingdom Hearts fan, you should check it out.