Latest Returnal patch causes more problems, including crashes and door issues

The latest patch has made some players unable to progress at all.

Image via PlayStation

Housemarque’s Returnal has experienced an interesting launch so far. Reception has been mostly good for the game, but there have been some technical issues that the team has been working to address. Or at least, that was the plan. The latest patch seems to be causing additional issues instead of resolving existing problems, which is not going over well on the Returnal subreddit.

Users have posted several threads pointing out the issues they’ve been experiencing since Patch 1.003.001 released. Some players have tried to return to the game after taking a brief break, only to find out more issues have been introduced with the new patch. It’s normal for games to experience some problems when they first launch since some bugs usually slip past the QA process with the scale and scope of modern games. However, Returnal’s bugs have been especially bad since progressing through the game has been interrupted as a whole for some players.

Many players are experiencing issues with getting stuck in rooms because of doors not opening. Players have also experienced problems with phasing through objects they aren’t normally able to walk through, except for the doors that won’t open. This was apparently an issue for players previously if they were using suits from downloadable content, but it is now affecting all sorts of players, regardless of the suits they choose to equip.

Developer Housemarque posted a link to a Reddit post they created on their Twitter feed with information on bugs they’re aware of and working to address shortly after the game released. As of this writing, Housemarque has not posted an update regarding the issues reported from the latest patch. We can only assume they’re working to try to resolve the issues reported by the community. Many people seem to be enjoying the game outside of the bugs and issues, so hopefully, they’re able to fix the issues so people can get back to exploring this otherwise mysterious and compelling video game.