Life is Strange is getting a comic series from Titan

Can’t get enough of Chloe Price and Max Caulfield? Titan Comics is undertaking a new project in partnership with Square Enix to release a new comic series based on Life is Strange.

The series is coming to a comic shop near you later this year, which means you don’t have to say “Farewell,” as the Life is Strange: Before the Storm bonus episode states. The four-part miniseries will bring fans the “opportunity” to hang out with “beloved characters” again, according to Titan Comics.

Aside from the fact that it will take place in Blackwell Academy once more, there isn’t any additional information about what to expect from the story, but there should be additional announcements coming down the pipeline soon. 

Life is Strange’s first season released back in 2015, exploring the story of high school student Max Caulfield, who suddenly discovers, in a moment of dire need, that she can rewind time. It received a prequel season in the form of Life is Strange: Before the Storm, but it isn’t clear whether or not the story will take place before or after the original. Hopefully it’ll be afterward, since we still want to see a lot more happen following the main Life is Strange story. 

The publisher of comics based on franchises like Bloodborne and Wolfenstein II should do the story justice, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens when the comic releases later this year. 

If the series does well, maybe the future will bring plenty of tie-in media attached to these beloved characters, because they certainly deserve more of a fighting chance to live on in books, comics, and even a TV show one day. Luckily, there’s already another Life is Strange in the works.